Spring, it is springing!

I am feeling so very happy now that the weather is really starting to (slowly but steadily) warm up!

Yesterday, we spent some time in our backyard, chilling. Mike read a book, Remy rode his newly borrowed scooter all around and I took pictures of them both (and of the little details I like to take pictures of, moss, maple leaves getting ready to bud, the nearly bare branches against the oh-so-blue sky...).

Then Remy drew with our sidewalk chalk and my heart opened up and sang...

It may not seem like much, but he drew flowers and a happy sun.. 

He has been drawing more and more spontaneously. Oh, it is a joy to me, to watch this process unfold.

And then he drew a sad sun...
Our boy is doing so well. So amazing. His world is expanding and growing and exploding right in front of my eyes.

 So intent on his new scooter! He loves it, and it is small enough (and slow enough) that it's ok to ride it in the house.

There is always grief in this world, and death comes regardless of the actual season. But there is renewal. There is light. There is change. And that is the biggest gift of seasons, to remind us that life is always changing, always turning.

So, yesterday, we enjoyed the lovely weather. (Today, we're inside working on paperwork -- taxes and preparing to make an offer on one of those houses we looked at! :fingerscrossed for everything turning out:) But the doors are thrown wide open. The windows are open. Spring is here. It's wonderful.

And when Remy gets home, we'll get outside and play some more!