What I Mean When I Speak of Love

Quote by Jalal ad-din Rumi found here. The photo and design are mine. The font is via Picnik.

I am so thrilled to be writing this post in contribution to the Courage to Fly blog hop. My heart leapt when I saw the call for submissions. I've never done a blog hop before and here was one hosted by someone I'd (as yet) not "met" who was speaking my language, as it were.

Love. Passion. Courage. Flying.

I choose this prompt: What do you love? and why?

In part, I choose that prompt because really? So many things spring immediately to mind. (People, places, ways of being. Sushi. My iPod. "...a[n] MLT... where the mutton is nice and lean") But if there is one thing I know it is this: love is the overarching theme of my life. And not just familiar or friendly love. Not just the amazing love of my soul mate (my b'shert, we say in Hebrew). Not just that WHAMMO mama-love that knocks trucks over if they threaten our child. What I love is bigger and deeper than all of those.

Before all that, before I had friends or a soul mate or a child, I had my own essence. Which is both unique and one-with-the-universe (aka G-d, G-d-ss, or any other name you want to call it by). It is the essence of me, which is One with the universe, which is both amazingly individual and amazingly the same as any other soul.

This love I write of, the love that defines me, that drives me, is Life itself. Not the love of life (though I hope we all have that) but the love that enfuses all of life. The love-force, in which everything is one and yet, at the same time, unique in itself. There are many ways of expressing this unity-but-uniqueness. Almost every religion I've studied presents variations on this theme, including Judaism, my religion by choice. Still, it's a hard view to explain if you don't just grok it immediately.

This dichotomy, this amazing paradox, is something I've spent a long time trying to explain. I don't expect I'll get everyone's agreement or understanding. We're too conditioned in Dualism (either/ or) that actual Monism seems incomprehensible.

But this truth lies deep within me and I love it fiercely. Why? Because it is love itself that I love. It is the Universe/ G-d/ The Beloved. It is me, ultimately, and you. (And you, and you, and you.) And that love, that essential, unexplainable but deeply held love, gives me wings and allows me to take my place in this world, confident that I am unique but also so very part of everything. (I falter, of course. I struggle with depression and self-esteem. But this knowledge leads me back, every time: there is no perfect. There is no need to struggle. We are all Whole. We are all Loved. We are All.)

My friend reminded me the other day of her favorite Nirvana quote: "All in all is all we all are." 

And that is exactly it. All. We. Are. Is. All. [We. Are]

And at the heart of that, in our chest, where we get our inspiration (in-spirit-ation?), is Love. And so what I love, what I really truly madly deeply love, is Everything.

:: love is all :: love is enough :: love is ::

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