Who I am, What I love

Since I'm trying to expand my blogging platform a little, I think I should back up a little and let you know about me.

I'm Alexis Yael (aka Lexie).  I'm a late 30-something white woman with dreadlocks. I'm not Rasta (though I hold much love for all religions) and although I love Bob Marley & the Wailers as much as any other 70s child hippie, I don't toke. Ever. I don't mind if you do, but don't do it around me.

I'm an artist, always have been, always will be, because Creation is my lifeblood. The mediums that I produce art in varies widely year by year. I'm currently photographing, writing poetry and hoop dancing. I knit occasionally. I do yoga. I've been belly dancing since I was eight years old. (I've been on a long hiatus from doing theater, but I started that at around the same age.) One of my biggest dreams is to make movies. I'm working towards that now...

I'm a mom. My son, Remy, is an amazing being. We learned last year that he had a pediatric stroke (probably in utero) and he is on the autism spectrum. He's the happiest person I have ever met.

I'm a wife. My husband is awesome and amazing and really prefers not to be talked about much on my blog, so I try to limit it to the occasional sappy love letter. We support Marriage Equality.

I am armchair activist, though I would like to do more, I don't know where to start (or if I have the motivation). I have always said my words are my medium (and now my photographs, yes). I want to leave the world a better place for me having been here.

I'm asthmatic. It doesn't seem like that big a deal, unless you can't breathe, and then you know it is.

I'm empathetic and eccentric. Do those things seem unrelated? They aren't. I think my empathy stems in large part from feeling like an outsider. I subscribe to the Dalai Lama's quote: "Compassion is my religion." (I am Jewish, but obviously have a deep love of many different religions.)

I am a traveler. I love exploring new places. I have lived in Texas, California (both Northern and Southern), Ontario (Canada), Alabama and now New Jersey. I dream of living in Europe, for at least a little while, and I think it will one day happen.

Meanwhile, we travel. We're talking about Thailand for our next big trip. (And yes, our son will come with us... we're already planning ahead on a big African adventure when he is in his teens...)

I love art and music and movies. (Doesn't everyone?) I think the specifics of what I love make up the details of my life. Frida Kahlo and Counting Crows, Nazim Hikmet and Fat Chance Belly Dance.

I love color and am sloppy. I'd rather be creative (or mess around on the internet) than do the laundry, but I also want my world to be nice enough to enjoy living in, so I have cultivated routines that help me keep chaos in check. 

And apparently, I really like taking photos of my knees and feet. 

What I want to share with you, on my blog, is me. My world, my view, my words, my vision. By doing this, I hope to find my people, my tribe (and I have, oh I have). I want the people who stay here to find this a safe place, a place to connect to others of my soul-tribe.

And I hope this will inspire you to live your life. Find the places you love (and be there), find the views you want to share with the world, find the words only you can say/ write. Just as much as I love blogging and sharing details from my life, I love reading other people's blogs and getting to know their lives. I believe in blogging as a community and as a means of finding really good writing/ links/ art/ stuff I never would have seen otherwise. Share the love. Own your place in the world and contribute all you can contribute.

The individual is universal and the universal is individual.