April is Autism Awareness and National Poetry Writing Month

Doing puzzles at the library.

What it Means to Love You Right Now
* For Remy

We run all day, chasing and jumping, bouncing
with sheer delight at the sunlight, streaming down,
or the "rain!" (Everything you say is exclamations!)

And almost everything is one word, because sentences
are still difficult even now, at almost five,
but you have many more than you did only five months ago,
before preschool, before this last growth spurt.

"I see train" you say now, when we cross the tracks.
No one else would call it triumph (no article,
like "a" or "the" to determine your point of reference).
But I see where the words are taking you,
and I rejoice.
                               "Here she is" you say. About everything.
You refer to everything as "she." All objects. All people.
An interesting choice of pronouns and one
we do not understand the origin of. It is not echolalia.
Even when we model the correct pronoun, you chose "she."

And you notice things we would never see otherwise.
You point out the yellow dog in the banner above
our heads, the Nemo balloon all the way across a store.
You solve all our puzzles. Even the ones we didn’t know existed.