Lexie Link Love!

In order to alleviate my post-vacation grumpy mood, I present my second installment of link love! Which I am henceforth renaming: Lexie Link Love! just because. 

This post on Offbeat Mama was very timely for me, as I just painted Remy's toenails blue this weekend, at his request (to match mine). He did have a bit of a sensory issue with them, but we talked him through it (since I hadn't bought nail polish remover). But that was definitely not a gender thing, it was an Autism thing.

Speaking of Autism, here's an easy-peasy armchair activism post for you to email your state representatives and make sure they know where you stand on funding for children and adults with developmental disabilities. Cut and paste. So simple you could do it while you're in the bathroom! Or not.

Apparently Autism is on my mind a lot today, here's another absolutely great post on why we need Autism Acceptance and not just Awareness. Follow the links in the post... this is an important topic!

On a semi-related topic (because we moved to NJ, which was a huge change, almost entirely because we needed to find better services for our Autistic son) , let's discuss change. Well, let's let Kate discuss it, really, because she does a fabulous job breaking down why we get stuck in resistance when we think we want to change something... Are you ready to Risk Annihilation? (I have, and wow, I know how deeply scary and hopeless that moment right before you leap can be).

If you are, then you can do what Havi explains in this awesome post, just Throw it in the Pot and let the soup work itself out.

And that concludes this week's installment of Lexie Link Love because I've got a date to watch Castle on hulu with my love! Let me know what you're loving on right now, in the comments or on facebook! Share the love!