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The Passover Edition

My Passover started yesterday (before the actual holiday had started, at sunset) with this post, by Jena Strong. What Shall We Find? It is beautiful, personal, universal and prayerful.

Patti Digh thought so, too, and took one of the quotes Jenna posted and gave us the full poem by
Muriel Rukeyser. Mmmmm. Shivery gorgeousness. 

And then I read Havi's post on Pesach. And I LOVED her take on freedom (and all the different sorts of freedoms!). 
And then Rabbi Rami brings it all back to the story, and offers his own admonitions to us to use our seder to do some serious work on our own selves.

So, last night my husband and I (using the haggadah that I wrote while I was eight months pregnant) had a mini seder, just our family of three. And it was, hands down, the best seder I have ever had. Remy was aware enough to clap along (and sing) to the songs, and the love and intention between me and my beloved flowed. Even if I was still making horoset while we did the opening prayers. Even as we swirled around the kitchen, together. Even as we stopped our seder to sing "the wheels on the bus go round and round" after lighting candles because that is what Remy always has us sing after we light Shabbat candles.

This is what I wish for you, all my friends, whether you are Jewish or not, celebrating Passover or not: I wish that you have love swirling and whirling in your home. That you have poetry to read (and write) and good food and wine (if you partake) to share. And that you have enough self-knowledge to know that our job here is not finished, that we are all works in progress and need to keep claiming our freedoms and make sure we are not blocking any one else's. 
May next year be the year we all see freedom, together!