Lexie Link Love!

Yesterday, I found a new band via a link posted on FaceBook by terri fischer (whose blog is gorgeous). Oh, I am in love with this new to me band! Their voices are gorgeous, their beats hypnotic and their vibe is gloriously peaceful. They are called Rising Appalachia and I am not at all surprised that they are based out of New Orleans, for I love that city very much. Here is their YouTube channel. You're welcome!

Have you read this kick-ass manifesto by Austin Kleon? How to steal like an artist. Yes. Indeed. (He also cites that Goethe quote I'm using for the Lexie Link Love image up there.)

I love my local library! (In fact, I love all libraries, but I absolutely love that I can walk to my local library. Going this afternoon, in fact!) I am reading Jean M Auel's last Earth's Children book, The Land of Painted Caves right now, borrowed from the library. It's been over 30 years since she started the series with The Clan of the Cave Bear (and almost as long since I read the second book, The Valley of Horses  which started me off on the series when I was nine or ten.)

If you're friends with me on FaceBook, or read Saturday's poem, you already know this, but we were recently gifted a used PS2. I spent all weekend looking at various games on amazon, and yesterday I ordered these for myself: Play 2, Yourself! Fitness and Groove. I'm so excited to get them! I'm also hoping to try out games for Remy at the library. I was also looking at the various Dance Dance Revolution games, but I can't make a decision (and I'm also wary of needing a dance pad, I hear they are cheaply made, and the expensive ones are expensive, even used). Anyone play DDR and have suggestions about it? 

Another one my FB friends have already heard, but I am super excited about is that I figured out the "secret" for how to hoop to smaller hoops: buy an even smaller hoop and fail miserably at hooping with it! This is weird, I know, but it seems to have really done something to my brain: I bought two cheap 27" hoops at Target (plus one for Remy) the other day to use as hand hoops and I have also been working on being able to waist hoop with them (fat chance! but they are fun to spin/ do arm tricks with). The effort of working with those hoops meant that when I picked up my 35" HDPE hoop today, I could really waist hoop with it! (On my dominant side, the other side is about the same.) And my huge 40" hoop? I can now spin myself counter to it. YES!

I love hooping so much. 

I also love the awesometasticmazing writing of Neil Gaiman, and if you do, too, you probably already know about this this contest to win a part in the 10th anniversary audiobook of American Gods. My friend Shelby entered and sounds TERRIFIC, so I suggest you go over and vote for her!

And since this inadvertently became the FB edition of Lexie Link Love, I decided to ask my friends yesterday if they had any links they thought I should share. And voila! My friend Liz came through with one of the most adorable blogs I have seen: My Milk Toof. 

Have fun surfing the links!

Disclaimer: all links to amazon.com are now associate links, which means if you click a link and buy something -- anything -- I get a little kickback from the sale. It doesn't cost you anything and I'm obviously only linking to stuff I love -- notice the not linking to any of the cheap hoops, since they're really not the kind of hoops you should be buying, if you aren't already hooping. The link to my 35" HDPE hoop is not an associate link, I just really love the hoop I bought from Sacred Flame and highly recommend them.