On the Road...

Funny, phallic stumps.
We're going to a friend's wedding this weekend, so I may be posting sporadically (though I will definitely still be writing a poem a day). I'm hoping to get some great photos (and permission to share the ones I take at the wedding itself, my first since getting my DSLR, can you say "excited?")

They were all around this lake, crazy!
This place where our friend lives is just so awesome, photographically (though it is a wee podunk place that would be quite hard for me to actually live in). 

I wanted to share a few photos from our first visit to this same friend, last summer, while we were in the midst of our cross country move, we stayed with them for a few days. These phallic stumps really caught my eye, for some reason ;-)

Hope you have a great weekend and allow your creative self to let loose!