Poem #3 NaPoWriMo

My eye!

shooting towards the sun,
(sun flare, gorgeous!)
I accidentally shifted my macro
lens straight into the full sun.
Blinding pain.
My eye! My eye!

In the past month, the same eye
(on separate occasions)
has been (accidentally)
scratched, little fingers shoving
paper towards it faster
than I could move, then secondly,
a flung hand at bedtime asking
for water.
My other eye
strained with overcompensation
while my right eye healed.

And now today. Again!
It could hardly be coincidence.
All these repeated injuries
to my lens-viewing (dominant) eye.

Maybe I need to conserve
my eyes better. Be protective.
Find what I need to see
and then move on.
My eyes
are focusing and unfocused.
Clear and blind.
In the meantime, I shall watch
and see where I need to be.

In the meantime, I shall wonder,
what it means to see and be seen.