Poem 4/10/11

On Tuesday

He's always saying it's Tuesday.
The thunder roars, Tuesday.
Sunshine or clouds: Tuesday.
Every other day is verboten. Tuesday is
So he loves Tuesday, won't think
of it being any other day.
Next week it might be Sundays,
but for now we'll live on Tuesday.


* This poem is inspired by Remy's occasional habit of fixating on the wrong day of the week. Tuesday just happened to come to mind because he was riffing on it today, trying to say tomorrow is Tuesday (not Monday).

I honestly have no idea where this comes from, it's just something he does at the moment. It's not so awful, except when it involves days where there really isn't going to be school, no matter how much he wants it to (he loves school). And even then, we're not seeing any real behavioral issues around it, hence the light hearted tone of the poem (with the under current of "huh?")