Poem 4/14/11

Who Loved Me*
*Dedicated to Mike, who does.

Las estrellas
no tien novio...

From "Tres estampas del cielo" ("Three Prints of the Sky") by Frederico Garcia Lorca

I dreamt of you last night,
folding over and over in bed
beside me, where you were not.
I dreamt of pleasure, betrayal,
cold plums*** eaten years ago.
I dream of you at night,
my lover, my novio, my husband.
Your presence replaces absences,
your pleasures elicit delight.
When you are not with me,
I mourn. Our child needs me,
the comfort of mami when he wakes,
but it is you I need, you I long for.
Soon, I will be back in our bed
and it will burn again, as ever,
two stars with no need for lovers,
for we have, always, each other.

* The title of this poem comes from (and reverses) Lorca's poem's dedication: "Dedicated to Señorita Argimira López, who didn't love me."

** Translation ( via "collected poems" edited by Christopher Maurer):

The stars
don't have a lover --

doesn't matter how pretty
the stars are!

*** An allusion to William Carlos William's poem, This Is Just To Say, which I love.