Poem 4/19/11

Three Days til Earth Day

And I want everyone to know: the Earth
is not waiting for us. The planet doesn't
wail or wring her hands (and is not,
in fact, a "her"). The planet is, being, existing,
all the things a planet does so well.
Scientists can explain this scientifically,
a poet explains poetically. But regardless
of the words, the gist is this: we are the ones
who are fucked if we don't reverse climate change.
We are the ones on the brink of extinction
(along with many other species). Our planet
will survive. Earth Day is not for the planet,
it is for us, to say, "Wake up, my friends!"
Listen to the storm howling outside,
listen to the drought you face,
listen to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
Listen to the concrete under our feet
that is killing your back every night.
Listen to the oil spills that are causing
dolphin miscarriages. Listen!
The world is warning us, better than any disaster
movie ever could. If you listen, and change,
maybe one day we will look back and laugh
at all the times we thought we had to wait to live.