Poem 4/23/11

On a Rainy Saturday, I Contemplate Life, The Universe and Video Games (a prose poem)

Above us, the rain hitting the roof, and the sounds of our neighbors waking up, their twenty-something routine reminding me of the days when I, too, could sleep in on a Saturday. But now the life I have made includes 5:30am waking up, and the blessing of an almost five year old who can play, reading loudly on his own for three hours while I drift in and out of sleep in the same room.

Then, after breakfast and coffee (sweet coffee) and another hour of play, his daddy wakes up (his day to sleep in) and shows us the PlayStation2 one of his poker buddies gave us last night. And the rain overhead and my love, swelling, for the boy and the man beside me as we figure out games and I am transported to the day we bought (or were given?) a Dreamcast, our whole lives ahead of us, one dream after another and now we are really playing, our lives just out of the station and the neighbors above us starting their dreaming and oh, I am happy where I am, thirty six and opening up to the rain and the universe beaming as if everything was washing away, making the world bright and clean and life, oh my life, how I love it.