Poem 4/25/11

I. In Midlife the Poet Looks Back and Remembers the Poems of Her Youth After Being Given Five Prompt Words from One of Her Best High School Friends on Facebook:

When I was fifteen, the world was too vivacious.
Everything hurled itself into me, smouldering
with the fire of my wistful, wounded adolescence.
My only condolence was a smattering of friends,
and the idea that one day I could abscond and be free.

II. And then the Poet Returns to the Present and Writes of Her Life With the Same Five Prompt Words:

In your smouldering caress, there’s a world waiting for me,
a smattering of stars where the moonlight fades, a brush
of the wistful, but always, always that heat, that burning,  
vivacious in every turning, timeless, for we are without time,
here in our life, wanton and free, absconding the world.

III. And then a Third Spin, for the Third Time is Said to be the Charm, Is it Not?

Wanting you to see the wistful side of me,
I write and send my vivacious self into the web
of the world, smouldering and selfish, empathetic
and self-less. More than a smattering of truth
in this, always, no matter how I wish to abscond.