Poem 4/28/11

"Oh soul, you worry too much. You have seen your own strength. You have seen your own beauty... You are in truth the soul, of the soul, of the soul." Jalal ad-din Rumi

An Artist's Credo

If there is a song in your heart, you must sing. 
If there is a vision in your mind, you must paint. 
If there is rhythm in your belly, you must dance.
If there is something so gorgeous in front of you
that it calls out screaming for your attention,
you must get out your camera, use your eyes and see.

The world is screaming for your attention. 
At every moment you have the chance
to do something about it, to make something
that didn't exist before! Who are you to block
the creative force of the universe? Who are you
to hide in feeling small, in feeling worthless,
in feeling powerless? Your eyes and ears and body
and soul is fuel for the burning fire that is G-d. 

Even the ones among us who do not know to hide,
who cannot speak, who cannot hear, their lives
are already creation, already burning, already giving
every moment to attention. Who are YOU to deny
this about them, or yourself when you have eyes
that can read these words? 

..........................................If there is a song in you, sing!
Dance along to the music you hear all around you.
Laugh and cry and feel. But do not deny your power,
your grace, your worth. This world is the only one
we will know, right now. It is calling for us.
You must answer in the way that only you can answer!