April Decluttering

How do we find anything in this mess? You can't see, but the books are two layers deep and we had to remove books from the front row to get to the back, hence all the leaning and haphazardness.
When we moved into this apartment, we took four bookshelves of books and "placed" them into one bookshelf. 

The result was very haphazard and annoying, since finding books took a lot of rummaging, they were in no order at all, having been put straight from boxes onto the shelves. 

Books on the floor awaiting their fate.
One day (in April) I decided I had had enough and I took all the books off the shelf and reorganized them so we could find them. (It was during Remy's April break and he was playing and I was kinda bored, and the books are in the hall by his bedroom, so we could hang out together while I worked. He did help a bit, he loves books.)

The top half of the newly reorganized shelf. Stacks are much more practical because they allow us to replace books with much more precision.

There are still too many books for the shelf, so there are still stacks and stacks of books, but at least now they are organized into categories, which makes finding them much easier. 

The games at the bottom don't really fit well, but lend a wabi sabi air to the whole thing.

And despite having given away boxes and boxes of books before our move last year, I was able to pull out this pile of books to give away (most of which were not new), proving again that decluttering is an ongoing process. 

The Giveaway pile. One of my friends took a bunch, the rest went to Goodwill.
The moral is: organizing (and decluttering) doesn't always make things look all that different/ better, but it definitely makes a huge difference in how useful and practical the area in question becomes.