Taking a Sick Day

Between being sick and having the new iPod touch, I haven't picked up my "real" camera (aka, the Sony a200) since Saturday. Which is a long time for me. And normally that would make me long to declare "photowalk" and go out and make art... and then blog it...

But today my throat still feels sore (only when I swallow, but um, yeah) and it's bright out and I don't wanna go for a photo walk, I wanna stay home and rest. And read a book. And watch silly things on the computer (gLee! True Blood!).

Sometimes, I just need to let go of my expectations of myself. It can be hard. (Sometimes there's just way too much to do and then things get left along the wayside, but that's not the case here and not what I'm talking about. And I know I'm lucky, but I just feel sick.).

Sometimes I just need to chill the fuck out and just be.

Havi calls it an "emergency vacation" -- but that sounds like going somewhere to my brain right now, and Idonwanna. I wanna blanket fort day! With less blankets (cause it is gloriously Spring here) and less forts and more snacks and movies/ books/ shows. And tea. Lots and lots of tea.

And no, absolutely no, responsible things. Except a load of laundry, because if that doesn't get washed, someone won't have pants tomorrow. And that someone is almost five and can't do laundry yet and wouldn't be happy with no pants.

But that's it!

Now where are my cough drops?