Blogging Formula

Dreamy skyline...

Writing (poetry, prose, something in between) + photography = blog.

My own personal blog formula. 

Of course it isn't as simple as that, in practice.

Sometimes I leave out the photography. Sometimes I leave out the words.

And moreover, saying it like that: writing + photography makes it seem like less than it is.
But if you expand the words (the way I did yesterday and the day before) then you get the bigger picture.

Writing, poetry, saved me. My soul reaches out and grabs a hold of these words and rides them.

And the photos connect me. They bring a tangible part of my life out to you, here, so that together they can connect you, in ways I can't even begin to fathom.

"Shadows of the world appear..."

And together they begin to create the mysterious, the beautiful, the Je ne sais pas, wabi-sabi, broken-but-whole, perfectly imperfect art that is my blog. That is me. That is you. That is life, unfolding and folding, over and over, all our days.

There's no formula, not really, not ever. Our clever brains like to think we can formulate, like to think we can make it simple.

But life is messy, complex and oh so amazing.

And I love it that way, don't you?

More dreamy skyline... PS: all photos in this post were taken with my new favorite iPod Touch photo app: Pudding Camera by KTH. Yes, the instructions are all in Korean, but you don't need them and the lens and film options are AWESOME and the app is FREE. What more do you need?