A Day to Celebrate Mothers

Our son was born on Mother's Day, five years ago. It was the most amazing gift, becoming a mother. It changed my entire life, in ways I could not have predicted.

And it gave me a new awareness of what it means to be a mother. I remember in those first weeks of mothering, I looked at the whole world with a new lens. I knew that each person who I saw had once been a teeny tiny being, just like my son. And they had been shaped by their experiences, just as he was being shaped.

In sometimes, my heart broke, because I knew that as much as I loved my son, many people were not as loved. (Though many, even most, people are... I know how hard this love is now, and know not everyone is up to it, and that broke my heart.)

So today, on Mother's Day, I celebrate the unconditional love that motherhood taught me and I pray that each mother, each child can be given that gift.

And I celebrate my mom who gave me that love (and her mom and her mom, and so on) and all the moms of everyone I love:

thank you.