Down Time

Because blogger was down this morning, I published today's earlier post on Wordpress.

I am considering moving the entire blog over (which I have been considering for over a year).

The pros: Wordpress is much more customizable and is considered more "professional" in the blogging community.

I'm not a huge CSS geek, but since I'm wanting a much simpler (minimalist) template anyway, I think finding and creating that here or there is easy.

The negative is of course, that I have been here for a long time, I know blogger well and it ties in nicely with picasa.

The ultimate goal is a URL of my own and that can (and will) happen with either. Just as soon as I decide what to do about being taken...

I feel like it is apples and oranges between blogger and Wordpress; both are nice but so different that how do you chose when all you're told is "pick a fruit?"