Internet Oddities and a Day at the Beach

Today, I woke up to find our wifi was out. Out. As in, no checking facebook, no email, no blog. Out.

At some point we decided to give up on it (frankly, this took me longer than anyone else) and just get on with our day, which was a low key "let's go to the beach!" kind of day.

Only in our case, instead of going (all the way) to the actual ocean (*ahem* an hour, hour and a half) we went the easy-peasy way and drove 30 minutes to a nearby town that has three or four lakes, all with amazingly cute lake-beaches.

This is fun because we don't have to get stuck in traffic and the beach is shallow enough (up to the buoys) that Remy is not over his head.

Granted, there's no waves. And the water is fresh, instead of salty. But the vibe is way more relaxed and no one feels obliged to stay longer than they'd really like.

And there's an ice cream truck, and Sponge Bob Popsicles. And that's enough, sometimes.

Even if it isn't quite enough to completely chase away a wicked case of the PMS.

Hormones be damned, sometimes the world is too beautiful to stay inside all day fuming about the lack of Internet. Even if you kinda want to.

And then we got home and eventually our wifi just turned its own damn self back on. And I shouted glory glory from the rooftops, for schizzle. Because the world I love is a world that includes being able to email my peeps and get support.

Which is slightly more fun to do with sun-kissed skin and memories of a lazy day at the lake-beach.