Lexie Link Love! The Post Mother's Day Wrap-Up Edition!

Best Mother's Day present ever? My kid who was born on Mother's Day, five years ago (oh how blessed we are). And especially this Sunday, his loving, amazing kisses and how awesome it was to hear him say "Happy Mother's Day!!!" with such enthusiasm and joy. (Coached, no doubt, by his teachers at preschool, but still? He has the ability to understand and repeat the words he is given. That's a huge gift, in itself, which I do not take for granted, ever. And... he knows Mother's Day is about moms -- we had him say "Happy Mother's Day" to each grandma, but he did not try to say it to his dad or anyone else. Meaning, he gets. Abstraction? No. But meaning is deeper.)

Second best Mother's Day present? A card with sweet, generous words acknowledging and loving and valuing my contributions as a mother (written by my husband because our son cannot write them himself at this time, and oh, his words deeply touched me, and reminded me very much of this awesome post by Estée Klar. who inspires me every day, as a mother).

Third best present? A new fourth generation iPod Touch. (Can you say, "WHOOHOO!!!!"? I didn't realize how slow my old touch was til I had the new one in hand!) Which my awesome husband bought me this year. It has a camera!!!! And records video!!! My FB friends can tell you I've already started abusing this feature :D (My mom and step-mom and MIL and step-MILs are probably thrilled to pieces, because it means seeing more of their awesome grandkid! I'm trying not to post too many, though, so as not to annoy everyone else!) It's like my own happy Mom-cave, this small device. LOVE IT.

And using the iPod touch to view this awesome video (link goes to the post about the video)? PRICELESS! (Wage inequality affects us all and is serious business. The video, however, is quite cute.)

Mother's Day isn't all awesomeness and iPods, though. For many, it is a difficult reminder: of a lost child or mom. Of a relationship that wasn't what it could have been. Of an abortion, or a miscarriage, or adoption. Of a kid who can't say the words (though as Estée pointed out, they do love us, our kids who cannot speak. Absolutely.) Of not being able to do it all, because none of us are Super Heroes. We're just human.

And even beyond that, how irritating is it that we are still a culture that seeks to "empower" moms by denigrating dads as doofuses? That kind of sexism does not serve us, not one bit!

I think Offbeat Mama said it best: Mother's Day is a weird, made up, annoying holiday, but fuck it, I celebrated it anyway!

Or would have, if I hadn't also gotten the worst Mother's Day present ever: sick, just like our mother earth. (I just got a head-cold, though, complete with sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. I'll get better in a few days. Our planet isn't so lucky.)