Quick Post on Gratitude and Love

Birthday Party Reflections...

Saturday, Remy had his first real birthday party. He turns five in a week, and we had obviously had parties for his birthday before, but this was the first time he was involved in the process enough to realize this was his party. And his friends were coming just to see him and sing Happy Birthday! 

He even helped lay out the gift bags while we were setting up! He was excited as he read every friend's name. It was amazing.

Last year's party was a combination birthday party (which he was excited about, but not quite cognizant was his, if you get the difference) and a farewell party, for we were moving in the middle of the summer and didn't want to have another party in the midst of packing up. 

It was a lot of fun, but it was also sad, knowing we were saying goodbye to all our friends. 

Three was a hard year all around and I don't really even remember what we did, except that it was small and probably involved just his best friend and maybe family. 

I can't find any pictures, which says more about my state of mind that year than anything else. It was hard.

On Remy's second birthday, we celebrated in other ways, because Remy and I were flying on a plane on the day of his birth, alone, and that was slightly nerve wracking to me. (At the end of those travels, I was a pro! Flying to Europe on my own with a two year old? I felt invincible! But it was also very hard and started the year that I spiraled into the worst depression.)


His first birthday was celebrated with three little friends, cake and family. That was such a sweet little party.

What a amazing blessing he is. I am so lucky to be his mom.