Saturday Morning (in pictures)

On Saturdays, I wake up with Remy so that M can sleep in. (I get Sundays.)

To say I am "not a morning person" is an understatement. I'm really at my happiest, most creative (most organized) self at 3 am.

Before kid, I longed to live where the nightlife was, where I could easily satisfy my sudden urge for a pancake and onion rings just after midnight.

After kid, I still yearn for the nightlife, but I've learned that kid with sleep issues + mama not going to sleep
early = very bad sleep deprivation ( = me being mean and nasty to everyone). So, I go to sleep before midnight (with the help of the beloved melatonin) and I dream of the nightlife happening around me.

And I wake up early on Saturdays (it's getting easier since Remy can now play on his own for awhile after he wakes, until he needs me to pop a bagel in the toaster oven). And I make the best of the time I am given: I drink some strong (fair trade, organic, French Roast) French Press coffee. I get out my camera (new iPod touch FTW!). I snuggle in and watch Thomas or whatever else the boychik is into.

And I breathe and sink into this beautiful life of mine. I had plenty of years to stay up late writing. I'll have more, later, I'm sure. Right now, right here, I've got my boy at my side, a gorgeous husband catching up on his (much needed) sleep, and so much happiness I could explode.

It's a beautiful world.