Stand Up for What You Believe!

Yesterday, Uganda almost made homosexuality a death sentence, but didn't. They still could, though.

Yesterday, I watched a show about a boy who was made fun of for being effeminate and gay, but who eventually triumphed (but we all know that's fiction, because gay people are not safe in this country, either). 

Yesterday, I did not stand by. Today, I will not stand by. I will never stand by and watch as those who I love are hated and reviled. 

I can't go to Uganda. But I can add my voice to the call against hate. 

I can't attend every High School where a child is being whispered about. I can't make every kid (even the ones I see on the streets) stop using the word "fag" in hate. 

But I can use my own voice to say, "Stop" when I hear that hate. And I can keep writing about love, about non-violence, about ways that art can help us heal these wounds that are killing us. 

There is so much hatred in the world. I can do my best to stop it from spreading. I can love and be loved. 

I can pledge, over and over (as I have since I first read this quote, many many years ago) to NEVER sit silently as "they" come for anyone else. To always stand up for the ones who are being carted away because they are me. 

They are me. Don't you see? The poor, the addicts, the communists, the Jews, the Arabs, the homosexuals, the Gypsies, the Blacks -- they are me. Because I count myself as part of the world, as part of the world community, as part of the Universe. And I know that whatever happens to one happens to all. 

Even if "they" would never actually come for me, they already have, if I allow anyone to be taken while I stand by. 

So, yes: I will speak up. I will make sure my voice is heard (somewhere, somehow). I will sign online petitions and urge my FB friends to sign them. And I will contribute to projects that help spread love

I can't heal the world immediately, or by myself. But I cannot stop trying. I will not stop trying. 

One day we will all be free. One day, we will all be free. One day, we will all, be free.