This weekend has felt rather unsettled. 

The bank that is selling us a house has still not agreed to our price (the sellers agreed almost as soon as we made our offer, two months ago. Their bank... not so much.) Now they are asking our mortgage broker for something he likely will not give on. 

And so we are unsettled, thinking we will probably drop the house we are trying to buy (if the bank does not agree to our offer by the end of May, we wrote that into our contract). And find a new house. 

It is unsettling because at the same time, we have notified our landlords that we are not renewing our lease (for another six months). So, on or before August 1, we are moving again. 

But where to? There are (obviously) many possibilities. (Including one intriguing prospective house that would mean we could stay in our school district, which has been amazing for Remy.)

And the bank may get their sh*t in order and figure this out and we'll be able to buy the house after all. (I was talking to a commercial broker last night at a party and he had a really interesting idea for us that may or may not work, on how to get the bank to expedite things. Though we're not sure we want to, since they've been nothing but annoying thus far... oh, I feel bad for the sellers, but their bank stinks!)

And it's almost June and I feel like, wow. All this leeway we planned into our plans (looking at houses starting six months before our lease was up! Making an offer two months ago, which seemed ridiculously early at the time, but we were just ok with it working out how it worked out) and now I am feeling like, EEEK, crunch time! 

We've kept our eyes open. We haven't drawn ourselves into any corners (and I'm pretty sure if we said the word, our landlords would renew our lease six more months, if we need the time). 

But the unsettling feeling is... unsettling.

And that is my life, adventurously lived.