Always Evolving

I had an accidental epiphany today.

We were driving without the radio on and I leaned over to take a photo (quite possibly the one above) and I must have pressed the CD button, because suddenly the Gogol Bordello CD we borrowed from our friends started playing.

A song or two later, this lyric really struck me:

"Evolution isn't over..."

It hit me that that is about the most hopeful truism I can imagine at this point in time.

We're evolving. Literally, as a species (every species in fact), with each progressive generation and figuratively, moment by moment, as individuals.

This weekend was very transformative for me. I felt solid in my own personal power in a way I hadn't expected to happen. I was gifted with some amazing feedback (in the form of generous praise and words of love) and was really able to hear it and bask in the glow.

Something shifted within me - I started realizing where I am going here ("elevator pitching" my blog to new friends, the "inspirational" took precedence over all the other parts, even the photography, even the poetry -- they're just the means to convey my message).

This isn't an etsy blog, it isn't a photoblog. I love the photographs and the art I make, and I do want to share it with the world, but the sizzle for me is inspiring people. (I've known this for awhile, it just really sank in this weekend.)

Where am I hoping to make the most difference?

That's the question I want this blog to be answering! That's the path my life is (and always has been) curving towards.

This beautiful, amazing, wabi sabi life, and how we love and live, moment to moment, generation to generation. That's my message, my gift, my legacy: how to appreciate and be in this wonderfully imperfect life so that love can flow through you and you can find the beauty in yourself and everything.

Yes. Viva la vida, indeed.