At a Crossroads...

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Fine art?
Movie making?
All of the above? 
(How do I find time for it all?)

Where am I going?
How am I getting there?

Those were the thoughts swirling through my head last night. I wrote them down to tame them, so I could sleep. 

This morning, I am still feeling like I am on the edge of something new. I've been feeling it for awhile now, it makes me both incredibly excited and incredibly nervous.

I am waiting. And I am open. And I am feeling my feelings and thinking my thoughts while I wait. 

And I think that  this (besides continuing to create) is all I can really do at this time. Live my life and be where I am. Yes.

And it may be that it is just the nearness of moving back into a house that is ours is getting to me. (Oh, how I long to nest again, in a house that we own, so that when we make changes they will be ours.)

And it may be summer, flirting and having her way with me, my senses on overload because of all the glorious light and the (mostly) warm days and nights. 

But maybe I really am at a crossroads, waiting. I'll take my chances and pick my direction when the time is right. When I can see what lies ahead, what choices I have, which way the wind is blowing. I can choose at any time, no need to rush.

There is time for (a certain amount of) introspection. 

There is time to wait. 

There is time. 

The world is filled with gates, with opportunities. I am grateful to be here. It is enough.