A Case of Phototog's Block?

Although it isn't, really.

You see (or rather, don't see, that's the point), I took an entire series of photos I'd like to share, but I'm afraid. Of posting them. Online.


This is what happens when I read the news, I suddenly start doing silly things like take photos of my feet (and then my legs and then my belly) in the bathtub. And then I get shy about posting them, because Bret Favre and (the oh so aptly named) Weiner guy (um, John? No? I don't really read the news. I glanced at the headlines today while buying bagels for our roadtrip) and the media obsession with the photos they texted/ twittered of their schlongs. To which I think, "Why?"

And then I remember, Frida Kahlo painted her legs in a bath. And it was sexy and tragic in a way that is so very Frida.

And I started shooting my legs as an homage to her, but then I keep thinking about the Internet and... Yeah.

So, instead of a photo of my very pale legs in the too shallow bath water, you're being treated to my thoughts on taking a series of photos that remind me simultaneously of Bret Favre and Frida Kahlo.

She deserves better, even in homage, I think.