The Difference

The difference between thinking about something and doing something is huge. It's the Great Divide, in fact.

I spent some time today thinking about printing -- what new paper I could source, how to prepare said paper, the ins and outs of the paper(s) I already have. I even went to Office Depot to buy paper (tho not photo paper, their prices are awful... But I needed regular paper and amazon was strangely charging me shipping and Office Depot is right next door to Trader Joes).

I even lamented (in my head) that my fabulous new printer does not print huge prints. Except then I took back that lament as I looked at paper prices on line (I decided that my Internet sabbatical was Facebook only. And over after my nap -- yes, I am addicted!). 8x10 isn't so bad! I imagined printing out many photos and setting up a booth at an art faire and what that would be like. I had fun thinking about all the possibilities.

And then Remy walked into the kitchen and said "I want paint" to me rather out of the blue (he'd been playing with either the trains or the cars, or both) and I asked him, "What will you paint on?" as I got down the paint and he said "paper!" and grabbed it and a brush and set to work.

He methodically opened each color and brushed it on the paper. Between colors, for the first time in all the years he has been painting, he washed the brush between colors!!!

When he was done, he brought the painting to his daddy to show it off (!!!) and then gave it back to me to put it somewhere to dry.

And then he went back to playing with the trains. And there was a painting that hadn't existed before. So, I took this photo with my iPod to document this phenomenon and remind myself: if you have a creative urge, all you have to do is stop what you're doing and follow the urge. It doesn't take much and once you're done there is something new in the world.

All it takes is the willingness to start.

And so I write this, which didn't exist (in this form, in my words) before I started. And tonight I'll do some more photo printing experimentation after the small one with the curious hands who likes to grab my freshly printed pages (eep!) goes to sleep. I have a Father's Day photo to print out and an ode to write.

Thinking isn't such a bad thing, actually, particularly when action isn't advisable.

But action is usually much more fun!