Lexie Link Love! The Traveling Edition!

Road trip!

Pack light. No, seriously, pack lighter. OK, maybe not this light. I'm bringing more than 3 shirts!

OK, actually, for this six day trip, I'll bring 3-4 shirts, one pair of capris (and wear one), one pair of jeans (since the weather is going to cool down over the weekend) the dress for the wedding, a nice outfit for the rehearsal dinner, and a couple of daytime dresses. Plus underclothes for each day. And two pairs of shoes. I'll wear one necklace which coordinates with every outfit and a coordinating head band. Plus 2 swimsuits because we'll be staying in hotels with pools and I like for my swimsuit to dry between uses.

As I mentioned earlier today, bringing a book to read is one of my favorite things about traveling. It turns out that our flatmate B (who's staying here) started rereading The Lord of the Rings today, so I guess I'm bringing Wicked. I'm preparing to have Defying Gravity on constant replay in my head...

We never pack until the night before. Or the day of. Since I haven't started packing yet tonight, looks like we're going to pack up tomorrow! This works for me. It may not work for you. Different people have different travel styles.

I want to take more photos during this trip, and here's some places where I found good travel photography tips

As with clothing, packing light is important with gear, too. I used one lens on our last trip, my 50mm f1.7. This trip, I also need to bring a camera with video capabilities (as I'm videotaping the wedding), so I'll bring my Panasonic super zoom camera. I'm considering only bringing the Panasonic, in fact, but the 50mm lens is so amazing... I will also have my iPod with me, for hipstamatic, pudding and instamatic photos and 8mm video! Clearly, I am overestimating how much I can shoot... but I will have an awesome five year old second shooter with me ;-)

I also definitely need a tripod. Normally, I wouldn't bring one but if I can set up the camera on a tripod, I will be able to shoot video without lots of bobbling. 

(I'm thinking I'll practice shooting at the rehearsal / dinner!)

Whew! That ended up being a lot of links for this weeks edition of Lexie Link Love! I hope it either helped or entertained you, or possibly both!