Lexie Link Love! The Happy to be Home Again Edition!

The "Oh my goodness, I'm so glad to be home" gratitude edition. (Despite the fact that where our "home" is will change at the end of July! Ach! Packing! I haven't even started thinking about it.) 

Right now I am so grateful for: 

Settling back into my daily routine. 
My French Press.
My desktop computer -- I love the big screen and the ease of writing on a real keyboard. 

Coming home to find my photo in another treasury list on etsy. [Oh wait! After I hit publish I got another notice! Here's the fourth treasury for this photo!]

Nearing inbox zero again. My system is a little different than Leo's, since I have two email accounts -- yes, I know -- and multiple folders within each. Clearing my inbox is a great ongoing habit, though. I used to have over a thousand emails in my inbox! After reading about email zen, I moved them all to a folder I marked "old inbox" which I'll be honest, I haven't really touched much (except to reference a few things very occasionally). One day I will get up the nerve to delete it all. Or maybe not (and I'm ok with that).

Thinking about riding my bike again. And finding safety tips and answers for urban riding concerns all over the internet. YAY!

And finally, this very important video, which I urge you to watch. And then go to the website where it originated and look around. RethinkingAutism.com. Brilliant!

Join me in celebrating Autistic Pride day this June 18. "Recognize. Respect. Include."