Lexie Link Love! The Small Changes Edition!

I really hope no one felt belittled or discouraged by my post yesterday. I do believe in making (lots of!) small changes that help both our planet and ourselves. So -- today, here's a list of links that can help you start! 

A huge area where we can help the environment is in reusable products. One step at a time, you can reduce (and even eliminate) your dependence on disposable paper products. Here are some reusable products (that I personally use) that you may or may not have heard of:  
  • Glad Rags - great replacement for pads (also available from my independent sources on etsy! But these are the ones I bought in 1995 and I've been using them since then, so I can highly recommend them!)
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths can be used instead of paper towels and sponges.
  • Cloth Napkins - an obvious paper towel / paper napkin replacement, but they only work if you use them!
  • Handkerchiefs - we don't have enough of these to use them when we're sick, that's something I need to rectify! The ones I do have, I dyed in awesome colors, so they're really happy-making. I think I'll get a bunch more and dye them up!
  • Reusable water bottles - these happen to be my current favorites (I went through a bunch before finding ones I really liked), but I know many people who won't even use BPA-free plastic. I don't really like drinking out of stainless steel, though. Glass is probably the best option and the silicone sleeves on these make it a less breakable one!
  • Cloth Diapers - this is a huge category, so I linked you to an easy beginner's solution that's available on amazon. Here's some other resources to help you get started in finding a good solution for your needs: Cloth Planet. All about Cloth Diapers. Even better, you can try elimination communication! It didn't really work for us (though I did catch some pees, very randomly in the first year or so of Remy's life) but I do know people who are successful at it.
  • Baby washcloths - Ok, I'm guessing you got some of these if you had a baby shower. At first, I wasn't sure what exactly they were for.  (Washing the baby? Don't really need that many washcloths, do I? Plus, it isn't like newborns get that dirty, am I right?) Then I discovered that I could use them as cloth wipes. For the baby and also for the whole family. OK, really just for me. And only sometimes. Since Remy is out of diapers, it's a lot harder to keep myself into the routine of using them. Here's a thread on MDC talking about various people's experiences (bonus points if you can find my post... I can't! But I swear I responded to either that thread or the first one). Yes, I just outed myself as a HUGE hippie. I am. Thank you.
  • Washcloths - I know you already have these! They're a staple. But did you know businesses can use them instead of paper towels? The first time I went to a chiropractor who had that set up I was so astonished and happy! If you are a small business owner, consider it!
What are your favorite reusable items? (Bonus points for reusing things most people already own in unique ways!)

What small steps do you recommend taking to help the planet? 

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