Lexie Link Love!

The "things I needed to hear today" edition:

"you can't force the release." this is seriously hot off the presses, as it was at the top of my google reader this morning, but it spoke volumes to me. Kate uses this awesome Oprah quote: "live in a space of letting go." I mean, how can we not? Life is a constant space of letting go. But, yeah. If we clench, we can make it seem like we can hold on to everything and keep ourselves safe. But it's a lie, that safety. It's hard not to want the lie, though.

In a similar vein, Medicinal Marzipan (I love that name, don't you?) posted this awesome piece On Letting Go (the toxic history edition) and I bookmarked it and reread it today, just when I needed it most. Thanks, internet! I love you!

Soul Spackle is having a Summer of Love (and my guest post is coming up!). Sara wrote a great piece yesterday you should check out: Saying Yes!

On Quiet Activism is a very low-key piece, but I love Karen's quiet insistence; the world is still beautiful. I can't wait to see her photos from Kenya (and the jealousy I am feeling about her opportunity tells me that I need to start looking into ways I can do this sort of thing!)

This is awesome news: more no-packaging stores opening! This one in Austin. I can't wait for one near me! (Buying in bulk, with your own containers, is a really great way to reduce waste.)

I needed to hear this today: You have a secret Admirer.

And Pandora, always awesome, gave me the Glee version of "True Colors" this morning as my first song of the day. Yes. Yes. Yes. Exactly what I needed to hear. "I see your true colors, and that's why I love you. So don't be afraid to let them show, your true colors." 

WAIT! One more link. I read it after I hit publish. This one made me cry.  Moving from a place of love: you are loved.
Via Roots of She and a new-to-me blogger: Megan. 

What did you need to hear today and where did you hear it?