Music and Art Festing

The stage is the dome up front...
Yesterday, we took Remy to his second music festival, the very chill and wonderful Appel Farm Arts and Music Festival. 

The first festival he went to was the huge and wonderful (but not at all chill) Jazz Fest, three years ago, where we ran around and around but never sat and listened to any music (and then left after it started *pouring* rain). It didn't go all that great, even though we had an OK time, it was just sad (to music festival loving me) that there were all these amazing bands playing and I didn't get to hear any of them!

Mama loves Remy.
So, our trip yesterday was an experiment: would the now older Remy still get too overwhelmed and not be keen on sitting still or listening to any music? 

(Note: we didn't bring any ear plugs, because Remy won't wear them, we would just have left any area where the music was loud enough to need ear plugs. Other kids -- with Autism and without -- are sometimes happier with ear muffs. I want to buy a pair for Remy, and see if he likes them.)

Reading with B
Remy was very happy to go to the "music party festival." (He did ask, "Zoo Sunday?" which made me think that might have been his original desire -- and no, we didn't end up going to the zoo today, we needed a chill day to wind down!).

We met up with friends who have three kids (two close to Remy's age and a teenager) and they'd set out their blankets far back enough from the stage that it wasn't too loud.

Sitting with his friend, watching the monkey.
There was also a children's area (where we saw this magician and his cute little monkey helper) and a bouncy tent, always fun.

Also, sheep shearing, which was a huge hit with the kids! I didn't get any pics though, as I was busy sitting and drinking some white wine and munching on the awesome picnic we brought :D

So, Remy played and danced a little (Gogol Bordello, who wouldn't dance? They're AWESOME!!!) and read some books, until about four songs into Ani Difranco's set and then he was done. D O N E, done. 

"Go home" he whispered to me.

Happy kid, happy parents, happy day!
I'd like to say I answered yes immediately, but we asked him to sit and stay just a longer and Remy's not the two year old he used to be and so he did try.

We started another (sitting down) game of velcro ball catch with the other kids, and then Remy melted down because the game didn't go as expected and he was tired and done.

So he and I went to the car while M packed up and said goodbye to our friends.

It wasn't the greatest of endings, but since we all had fun and still came home happy, despite the interrupted ending, I definitely consider it a successful experiment!