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Hi! Welcome to my online home!

I'm alexis yael (aka Alexis Yael or alexis-yael or Alexis or Lexie or even Lex -- most people in real life just call me Alexis or Lexie). Alexis is my given name and Yael is my (self-choosen) Hebrew name. 

I've been here for ages and ages and never really got around around to putting together a real intro page. Lemme rectify that now :D

This blog was started on May 28, 2002 as a purely personal web log. I don't even think my family read it much, but I wrote it as if they did. And I also was the Queen of TMI. Although I hate to think about talking about trying to conceive and feeling sad when I got my period, it arguably is.

In 2003, I officially switched to livejournal (my archives there are now friends-only) and stopped writing here for a long while. In fact, I pretty much forgot my password for awhile, which changed when I got a gmail account. 

In August 2009, I broke up with LJ and moved back to this public space, mostly just posting photos (I had a thing for "Wordless Wednesday," it's one of my few tags. I don't really do tags, consider yourself forewarned!). 

I also joined facebook at the same time, which kind of took over my online life for awhile. :waves at my facebook peeps: I also have a public fan page, which you can join (I prefer getting to know people a little before accepting friend requests to my personal page., although I'm known to make a few exceptions, if we have friends in common.)

I did not get serious about this blog until 2010. I went from 13 posts in 2009 to 84 in 2010. But 2011 is when I really got down to serious business. It's half way through the year and I have 146 posts. I'm committed to blogging now every day except Saturdays and the occasional day off.

Here's 10 random things about me. 

I am very proud of this post, but I wrote it on my iPod touch and now the photos have all disappeared into the ethernet. I will try to remedy that asap. 

More random things about me. Yeah, I really like random facts.

Here is where I start to get real. I hadn't actually found my groove between the "way too out there" TMI of the old web log, the "public but personal, only sharing with friends" of livejournal and the "this is me, this is my home online, this is where I share my soul in a professional manner" of where I am going with this blog now, but I was starting to figure it out. 

In December 2010, I did reverb10. That was my first commitment to daily blogging that wasn't poetry (I did NaPoWriMo in 2010 and 2011). reverb also got me thinking about larger issues that I could comment on my blog. 

I fumbled my way through the hard months of January and February and then in March,  I found Stephey. And I joined her Courage to Fly bloghop. And I leapt and found my wings mid-air with this piece that has been a guiding post of where I want to go with this blog: What I Mean When I Speak of Love. 

And the rest is history.  Oh wait. No, it's not. That was only a few months ago! The rest is waiting to be written, just like my life! LOL

Along the way, I've written for Offbeat Mama. And Soul Spackle. (Link coming tomorrow, when it goes to press.)  And I'm on the lookout for for more guest posting opportunities!

I've done tutorials for how to felt wool yarn to add to your dreadlocks and for how I made my very wabi sabi hippie patchwork skirt. I did a tutorial on making grapefruit jam (with photos I still think are very gorgeous) and a write up on how I choose my first DSLR. I really love research and passing on my knowledge! Tutorials may not be the best use of my pulpit here, but I do enjoy writing them and people seem to get a lot from them, so I shall continue (I have at least one, if not two in the works). Future ones may be more art centered, though.

I've written many love letters to  my amazing husband, though he prefers to be kept mostly in the shadows of this blog, being quite private. 

I am a very proud "aut mom" to an amazing child who is on the autism spectrum. I have too many favorite posts that contain references to him to select just a few. But here's some poems I wrote for Autism Awareness month (which coincided with national poetry month).

And hey, I already wrote a "Who I am, What I love" post! I forgot! Well, that one doesn't have as many links. But you might want to read it anyway, since you already got through this huge list of links ;-)  

Thank you for your support. 


alexis yael