On Vacation!

"Not all those who wander are lost..." J. R. R. Tolkien (and isn't this font PERFECT for this quote? Yes, yes it is. /geek

This weekend marks the fourth wedding we were invited to this year and it's a big one: my husband's brother is getting married!

While we're away, I'll be writing from the road as much as possible. I may not have any photos (except for iPod ones) until we get back though, since I try not to put too much on the netbook. We'll see. 

I've been asked to videotape the wedding ceremony (wow!) and speeches (my husband has already been planning his for quite some time now, since his brother's speech at our wedding was EPIC). I'm also looking forward to soaking in pools/ hot tubs and gabbing away with my inlaws (both sets, my MIL and her wife and my FIL and his :D). 

And doing some reading. I am debating bringing The Fellowship of the Rings with me -- I wanted to start it last weekend, but didn't. Then this week, while thirfting, I found a copy of Wicked (I haven't read it) and Nerfertiti. I love reading, but whether to go back to an old friend (which means I can quickly stop at any point, since

And most of all, I am looking forward to Remy being able to interact with his grandma (and Mop Mop and G-J***, which is what we call his step-grandmas) and Pop Pop. Spreading the Remy joy into their lives, just a little more. How hard it must be to have your grown children living so far away (and not being able to see the grandchild you love so very very much). I can only begin to imagine, at this point in my life. 

I am very happily putting back on my wandering shoes... but I am not lost, no indeed. Not lost at all. My wandering is (at least this time) on the path of my own choosing. 

May you happily wander where your heart leads you, too!