Pride! (In The Name of Love!)


And our first in NYC!

NYC did not disappoint. The parade was massive and there were tons of people!

Of course, there are always tons of people in NY, so if you walked a block away it seemed like any other Sunday. Except for the random rainbow people. But actually, there are almost always random rainbow people in NYC :D

New York state just passed a bill for marriage equality, so the crowd was jubilant!

Even though it was difficult for Remy to be there (due to sensory overwhelm) he made it through 2 and almost a half hours of the parade (we got there after the start and it was still going strong when we left! NYC!!!) which was really awesome.

It was important to us to attend for as long as we (he) could, because Pride is about showing our support.

Pride is about love.

Pride is about ending bullying and discrimination.

Pride is about honoring diversity.

Pride is about helping create the world I want to leave Remy (and any children he may have).

One people. One planet. One love.

For everyone!