"Raise the Knowledge!"

Today, because it is Monday and I am seriously having a case of the Monday Blahs, I needed a little more structure to what I want to say today. A kick-start, if you will.

I could choose not to write, of course, but that would mean not giving myself a chance to start. And starting is (obviously) important to me.  

And since we have been listening to Gogol Bordello's CD um, pretty much nonstop in the car (after borrowing it from a friend two weeks ago in preparation for seeing them at the Appel Festival), I thought my favorite song might provide a spark. 

"Raise the Knowledge." 

I wrote about this song before, in my road trip epiphany post. The lyrics really speak volumes to me. "Revolution is internal./ Evolution isn't over." Hell to the fucking yes!

This is what I want to do with my life, my one wild life: raise the knowledge!!! Spark the revolution I long to see. Be part of the process of healing the world, of dreaming that dream.

And, to be particularly blunt, part of today's blahs is feeling like I am not fulfilling my role here. My teeny tiny corner of the interwebs doesn't seem to be raising the knowledge. My photography is pretty and fun (for me) and oh-so-very slice of life (which I love, really love) but does it raise the knowledge? Maybe to the 20 or so people who read. Except I have a feeling I'm preaching to the choir here...

When are we going to WAKE UP? When are we going to figure out that if we keep selfishly eating up all the planet's resources (and just because you have a prius does not mean you are not! More love to you, though) we are killing everyone. Literally. Killing our own damn selves and most of the life on this planet that isn't going to be able to adapt to Climate Change? 

When are we going to GET A CLUE that selfishly trying to hoard resources for ourselves (via anti-immigration, anti-taxes attitudes, our voting in even the right guy who is going to keep furthering the myth of "The American Dream" which is just furthering the separation of "us" vs "them") we are just furthering the littling of our selves? And just because I don't vote for Tea Party (and I did vote for the best choices, as I see them) doesn't exempt me. When was the last time I gave all my resources freely to someone who needed them desperately? I don't live a Monastic life. I have stuff. I am not exempt. 

When are we going to UNDERSTAND that this one, messy, beautiful, fucked up life is the only one we're getting (that we can know for sure)? Even if you believe in some kind of afterlife, heaven, Valhalla, reincarnation or whatever, you do not know beyond a shadow of a doubt what your consciousness will be after you die. Maybe you will return, but it will not be the same.Don't think you're just going to keep being this person you are now, ageless, after you've (hopefully) grown old and died. You have today. This moment. Tomorrow is deeply uncertain. Always.

And to get really specific, I'm sick to death of the complacent attitude that just because you're liberal and doing some (or even many) small things, you're not part of the problem (and I'm very much talking about myself here, in addition to a recent conversation I had on facebook that was very discouraging).

I am a part of the problem. 

Which means I want need to be part of the solution, too, if there is going to be a solution. 

(G-d, I hope there is a solution.) 

"Purification fire's coming..." I hope so. I really do. It isn't going to be fun to live through, and I may not survive, but this right now? This way we're going? Is shit. Something deep and lasting has to change and it better happen soon. Really fucking soon, before we consume our planet down to nothingness. 

Meanwhile, I'll keep trying to live living the revolution I want to see start. My revolution means nothing without music and art and beauty and kindness.

My revolution means nothing without love. 

So, let's love this planet of ours. Let's love one another. Let's love OURSELVES. (I have a guest post on July 30th over at Soul Spackle on that very subject, you'll want to read it. I wowed myself. Don't worry, I'll remind you later.)

Raise the Knowledge!