Roadside Assistance

The wedding was beautiful. Truly, our family is blessed to have a such a wonderful addition in my sister-in-law. Her strength and courage, great sense of humor and intelligence make her an amazing human being and l hope she and my BIL will be blessed with many many happy and healthy years together.

M found this dragonfly before the ceremony. He let me photograph it before he put it somewhere safe to recuperate (he thinks it may have been stepped on). His heart is so large, my love's.

After the wedding, driving back to the hotel, we hit a huge (huge!) out of the blue pothole and bam! Flat tire, leaking air (but not blown and not pulling the car unduly).

My amazing husband was able to get us back to the hotel parking lot. We called roadside assistance and they sent someone out to change us to our spare, while Remy went back to our room with his dad. Tomorrow we'll go fill the regular tire (and get it glued up?!?!) and be on our way home.

The world is an amazing place. A wedding and dragonflies, flat tire and roadside assistance, all in one day. Just amazing. And beautiful in their own ways. We grow, we learn, we challenge ourselves to expand, through adversity and through play.

Viva la vida!