What's Going On; An Update

We're still in the process of buying a house. We're currently trying to figure out if they can guarantee we won't be homeless for the ten days between when our lease is up and closing. (Via a "use and occupancy agreement.") It looks like that might be squared away soon.

Remy has summer school! Basically, they extend the school year for the kids who need it, but there's no bus. We're working out a carpool with another kid in Remy's class because M needs to take the car to Princeton 2x a week for the six weeks he's teaching a preparatory workshop for underprivileged youth there. 

I'm guest blogging right and left this summer! Find me at Offbeat Mama, and later this month at Soul Spackle. I want one or two more guest posts up before we move: I'll keep my eye out if you will, too ;-)

I also have to finish up the video I shot at my BIL's wedding. Editing and posting. Friday? Today is already planned up! We're heading over to the Iris Garden.in Montclair to check it out! (Or possibly the Montclair Art Museum.) Should be a fun day! I'm taking my DSLR :D