So, despite an unusually cold day yesterday here in Chicago, it is going to be warm again today (with a high of 80). With the rest of the weekend still forecasted with highs in the upper 60s and lows in the mid 50s. 

Not quite my favorite weather, but close enough that my clothes are going to work! Whew!

And the day of the wedding is still shaping up for gorgeousness: partially cloudy but no rain. High of 68. A great day for a wedding!

Not sure what the weekend will bring (other than lots of time with family and the wedding activities -- get togethers both tonight and tomorrow, wedding on Sunday). 

Tomorrow, there will be many cousins around, so we may try to plan something for most of the kids (the zoo?), but mostly we're just here to have a fun connected weekend and celebrate the wedding nuptials of a very important member of our family, my husband's older brother. 

We're all very excited!