All of These Stories

I've got eleventy billion stories wanting to come out. The problem is, they don't know where to start, the stories. 

The stories of my life that you haven't heard would curdle milk. 

The stories I've heard and kept for other people would turn vinegar into wine. 

A coincidence: this story, which I first read here and then today, here. This little family is from my home-corner of the world. Chances are I know someone who knows them. This world is small. Such a horrific tragedy. Just. Wow. The mama is battling cancer and then the papa is drowned on vacation. Such sorrow.

Life isn't fair and it isn't predictable. One minute, you're standing in heaven-on-earth, dancing, the next you are gone. 

All we can do is live and love each moment while we're here. 

All we can do is live while we can. Love while we can. Do the best with where we are, right now and focus on what we want to make more of. 

In the end, what matters is the people you made a difference to. What matters is the stories you shared and the connections you made. 

We're all headed towards oblivion. We create works to last behind us (children, songs, books, poems, photos, paintings, etc...) but nothing lasts. The seconds that we (collective, human species) are here, in the scheme of the Earth's timeline are miniscule. 

Which is not to say we don't matter. We have had enough time already to mess with the very fabric of this planet. We have time enough to create works that will last, that will touch and transform every soul on this planet, if we are lucky. We can still "be the change" we wish to see. I'm not a nihilist.

But we're fooling ourselves if we don't stop, every once in awhile, to see how very teeny teeny tiny this one life we live is, in the scheme of things. 

It's good sometimes, to swallow your ego and remember all this will pass. 

Did you harm anyone today? Did you harm yourself, suffering needlessly, wishing you were elsewhere/ otherwise/ different?

Stop. Breathe. Apologize. Let it go. If you didn't kill anyone, chances are your penance isn't as bad as you think it should be. Chances are, if you learn from your mistakes, you won't keep repeating them.

You're only here right now. We never know what the next moments will bring. Don't waste this moment. Dance while you can still dance.