A Dream House List

Alright. We hit yet another obstacle in our ongoing "wow, buying a short sale is a crazy-dumb thing to do, unless this thing actually works out and then it will have been totally worth while!" saga this afternoon.

It was a metaphorical obstacle, not a literal one and really, said obstacle was all in my head, since hello, we were told we were waiting on "investor approval" awhile ago, but yeah, forgot what that meant. Or never realized. Wrapping my head around this required a lot of cussing and much pacing. But no throwing things!

See, I am all grown up! 

Anyway. Let me turn this upside down and instead of obsessing over "will it be our house or won't it" and "whoa, what if we only have a week to find a rental" -- which we can totally do, so please don't worry about us, if there's one thing I am confident about it is that we will find a way. We just do. It's awesome.

Anyway, instead of obsessing, let me just make a list. I like making lists of what I actually want. It's calming. 

By August we will be in a house:

+ In an awesome school district for Remy. With a kindergarten teacher that totally gets him and supports and nourishes him.

+ With a bath tub I can actually use that covers more than a quarter of my body!

+ With a place to hang our hammock again!

+ In walking/ safe biking distance to a) a library b) a grocery / drug store c) at least three decent restaurants.

+ With awesome neighbors who we get along with.

+ With basement stairs that aren't so narrow I feel unsafe walking down them.

+ With a washer/ dryer (obvious, but important).

+ With a fenced in backyard so Rems can play and I can start thinking about a garden...

+ With an attached garage or a garage that leads to the basement so we don't have to get in and out in the snow/ rain. (Yeah, now I'm just describing the house we're buying! LOL That attached garage is such a selling point to me, though!)

+ With lots of shady, pretty trees and a lot of greenery.

+ With enough space for us.

+ With a fireplace (or fire-pit or we can easily/ cheaply add a wood stove).

+ With an awesome porch or patio or deck. 

+ With wood floors. 

Ahhhhh, see? I do feel better. Even if we end up having to compromise / not getting everything we want and even if it ends up being uncertain for too long, I know it will be ok. 

It will be great, in fact, because my loves are with me and we are blessed. We have each other.

Home, after all, is where the heart is. And my heart is right here. And will be, beating strong, wherever we may land.