Home Stretch

 If all goes according to plan, we will be closing on our house today at 4. Send us luck and good vibes! We still need them!

Yesterday, we thought our bank was going to give us the axe (a totally unwarranted thing to do, but within their prerogative)  but we managed to power through it, with a lot of help (in finding paperwork we did not have) and much patience. And distraction ;-) 

I spent a great deal of time yesterday looking at photos of other people's weddings on Offbeat Bride. We played a lot of The Game of Life. (Remy really loves it. He gets especially excited about getting married and having babies. Yesterday, after getting three babies, he said, "I need one more baby! Four babies!" It was awesomely sweet.) 

We also went swimming. And packed. And M watched Flight of the Conchords while I unwound. It was a rather long day...

We're still waiting on details. I've got more packing to do. There is even more to be done (and it really begins tomorrow, when we start actually moving in...). I think by the end of this weekend, I will be exhausted and sore. 

But this is a dream worth the hassle. Owning a house of our own again. One that we can do with what we will. Ah, yes. And from a solid base, all our other dreams can take flight...

I wish your dreams speed and smoothness.