Let's Play!

Stomping in the rain yesterday! Glorious!

Taking time to be creative is also about taking time to play. 

Play refuels us. It recharges us. It lifts our spirits and allows the stress that's been hanging over us to fall away (even for a little bit).

Play is also, unfortunately, easily mistaken for distraction/ entertainment these days. And while distraction and entertainment are both great and I'm totally not saying I don't enjoy them, because I totally do, they are also taking over some of the time we could spend playing. (Not to mention taking over other time we could spend being productive or socializing with friends.)

Checking facebook is not play (it's entertainment/ online socializing/ distraction).

Checking email is not play. Watching TV is not play*. Playing videos? Uses the word play as a verb, but is not actually playing, I don't think. Unless you do it playfully.**

Being seriously creative (taking, for example, a photowalk) can be playful, but it isn't romping, stomping, get down and have FUN! Unless you make it so ;-)

I think most of the adults I know/ see are way too serious, even when they're getting their creative on. And even the freaky, artsy geeks like me (and, most likely YOU) can sometimes run the risk of letting the serious take control of our lives. (Which is why last Lexie Link Love was filled with funny videos for me to watch and remind myself to keep laughing during this move.)

When was the last time you put on your rainboots and stomped through puddles? When was the last time you sang at the top of your lungs just to sing?

When was the last time you had FUN!?

Let's get out there and go for it, today, RIGHT NOW. Have some fucking fun already! Just put a grin on your face and do something silly! Dance it up. Sing. Stomp around and laugh!

And if you need a little help, you can play this awesome song and sing along (cause you know you are one of my dirty little freaks if you're reading this, even if you don't cosplay***): 


Why so serious?
* Unless, like my kid (and me!), you sing and dance along. And recite lines. And whomp and stomp and laugh while you're doing it. Then it definitely becomes play. 

Like going to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Totally fantastically fun! (And it's been far too long since I have gone. Yay! There's a regular show right near where we're moving! Awesometastic!)

** If you're being silly and having fun with it, then pretty much anything is play. Taking out the trash? Playfully? Is play. Just have fun already! 

*** I don't actually cosplay. Yet. Unless you count Ren faire.  Which I don't personally believe counts (it's a different thing). I dream of going to Comicon one of these years, though. In costume. Hell yes! I am that geeky. 

Now excuse me while I go watch the preview for Knights of Badassdom one more time. (Warning, it gets a little fantasy-horror-scary. Maybe not for the under 13 set. Use your own judgement.)