Lexie Link Love! The Funny Sh*t Edition!

Because I suspect I will need some extra laughs in the next two weeks or so, let's link to some funny shit, mkay?

(Please link me to more, either here or on FB or g+... seriously, I am going to need to laugh in the next two weeks. And if our housemate has her way, I'm gonna have to start watching The Life and Times of Tim. HELP!)

Leonie linked to this hella funny video on FB, opening up a world of funny to me: 


OK, making fun of Rebecca Black is too easy. But it's still funny. 

My man watches a lot of Funny or Die, perhaps I should get on that bandwagon: 

Oh, the Beastie Boys! I love them!

Funny or Die Featured Videos from Funny or Die

And action figure zombies! Crazy! But maybe not that funny, unless you watch it and actually read the subtitles :whistles: Yeah. I do that. Sometimes. Good song, though!

Ok, moving on. Everyone knows I love Andy Samberg, right? 

He's so dreamy. 

And funny: 

If I were a bear, I'd tots eat him all up! Yum!

And here's Tim. I dunno. Just not that funny to me. 

OK, it's a little funny. But don't tell B I said that. She wants me to  watch the whole thing! That's too many episodes, yo. Cannot compute. Information overload.

Your turn! Send me links to funny videos! But not series. I don't think I have the brain power to watch an entire series during our move. Seriously. Clips. Please. Funny ones! 

Moving is s t r e s s f u l. I need funny to counteract the stress!

Or else I might do something dumb and watch all my favorite EM Forester movies.... 

Yay, someone put A Room With a View on Youtube!!! 


Yeah, it's not really funny. But it is TOTALLY AWESOME! OMG, and it has French subtitles! French! Subtitles! YAY!!!

OK, send me your funny. Or your sappy sweet. I'll take 'em all.