Lexie Link Love! The google+ edition

So, let's talk about the new big thing: google+. Are you shocked I'm on it already? Are you shocked that I love it? Can I call myself an early adopter if I got invited in the first round of invites? (I wasn't a beta tester.) 

I have invites, if anyone wants one. Just let me know in the comments (and give me an email address).

What I'm liking about it is the streamlined UI (user interface, for my mom, who is gonna have all sorts of problems with most of this post, sorry mama!). There's lots of white space. And no ads (yet; I assume google will find a way). 

There are all sorts of outcries against the consolidation of the google empire (the biggest one being: they'll steal your art! well, yeah. They could. So could facebook. Or flickr. So could a million and a half nobodies who just stumble on your stuff randomly and decide to right click save it. It's the INTERNET, people, things aren't "safe" anymore. Get used to it. Sorry. Had to get that rant out of my system. Whew! Seriously. Don't ever post anything you don't want ten billion people to see.)  

OK, I also have to admit that I like google+ being a new thing and something that may take awhile to catch on. I'm a tech snob, what can I say? Although not really, because I harbor the not-so-secret wish that everyone else would get a clue and figure it out already. 

So, let's focus on the links I've gotten from my short time on google+: 

My awesome friend D posted this one: How to expand your offline social network (on Tiny Buddha). Oh. My. Goodness. YES!!! I am one of those weird people who do go out of their way to meet their neighbors (but I'm not exactly great at following through with getting together). Still, I know the people who live in our building, and the people on either side of us. Everyone of them has commented on how they don't know the others. If we weren't moving, I'd totally have a block party. D'oh. 

My friend/ business coach/ cheerleader Effy Wild shared this link yesterday and I LOVED it! Photos You Feel by Picsie Chick. She posts a photo (gorgeous!) and a poem to go along with it a day! Love the discipline, love the idea, love all the gorgeousness. LOVE IT!

Jo over at Crafting the Sacred posted her self-love mix-tape this morning and w00t! I am loving it! Bob Marley? The Beatles? Alanis? HELL TO THE YES! I added some links in the comments, too :D

Alright, it is still pretty slow over there, so that's all I have for today. Friend me and share more links!

PS: I decided to change the icon for Lexie Link Love. This is our resident chipmunk. S/he's so FREAKING CUTE! I'm gonna miss him/ her.