Lexie Link Love!

I didn't quite count on actually finishing up a first draft of my short ebook yesterday, but I did! It's been sent along to some beta-readers (if you'd like to join in on a first read and give me your feedback, that would be great! alexisyael @ gmail.com). I'm feeling impatient about releasing it to the world, but I really want to get some feedback, so I am waiting (this is good practice for me). 

Meanwhile, there are TONS of great and interesting things happening in the world wide web these days. Including a number of fairly high level bloggers taking summer sabbaticals!

Consider these posts a mash of inspirational reading leading up to my forthcoming ebook:

Gypsy Girls Guide just published this very empowering piece by Kate Swoboda: claim your place! It really doesn't matter if there is a glut of people doing what you do (and others acuse you of jumping on the bandwagon): if you love it, you'll stay with it, and if you don't, you won't. So claim your place, if you love it!

Similarly, Monica at Bohemian Twilight) wrote a great piece on honesty + fear (and no, I didn't like it just because as a double Sagittarius I have extremely similar issues! LOL). I admire deeply her honesty and courage and I grok the hurt behind her post.

The answer, of course, is to be kind to yourself, as Floortime Lite Mama writes over on Hopeful Parents. I love how she counts what she did do, instead of what she didn't do, at the end of the day. I think we'd all be a lot kinder on our ourselves if we did that. 

Speaking of which, did you read this article in New York magazine (from last year)? "All Joy and No Fun: Why Parents Hate Parenting" ? It's a very well researched and written piece (M has been listening to Freakonomics radio on WNYC and they just did a piece on the research behind this article -- and more). And that's just research on parents with typical kids! It's depressing, unless you figure out your own solution (here's mine):

stop obsessing over the things we didn't do (or should do). Get down in the trenches and hang out more. Try engaged or mindful parenting. Stop rushing. Stop sniping at one another. Stop comparing. Expectations? Try fewer if you can't release them altogether. (I love this article's distinction between expectation and aspiration!) Laugh more and scold less.

You get the idea: Have fun. Fill your own cup. 

Hmmm... maybe another idea for my next book? (!) LOL