A New Fun Thing!

On Saturday, we went to a flea-market in the Catskills where I found an old, grungy Brownie twin lens reflex camera. For $5!

I'd been scoping them out on eBay/ amazon/ etsy ever since Jane got one.

Thing is, online one can't check things out, figure out the ins and outs, so I wasn't sure I really wanted one. Plus, every old TLR camera I could find was $25 and up (with most being more in the $40 range, I think). That's a little much to pay for something I'm not entirely sure I'm excited about.

But $5? AND I could check it out (at first I couldn't figure out the correct viewing angle but then I figured it out after a few minutes).

Verdict: I'm very excited about my new toy!

I didn't bring my macro lens, though, so serious playing around will have to wait until we get back home. Meanwhile, I've been playing with taking photographs through my iPod touch camera, which is pretty sweet.

Most the images are round, but I also found this interesting rectangular reflection (that shows what is behind the camera instead of in front) which is really cool.

And the guy threw in two old film camera (another medium format brownie point and shoot and one I'm not sure of the model of, but which takes 35mm film and Remy has claimed for his own).

Sweet little deal, if I do say so myself.